From tastes not yet imagined to personalised snacking, from therapeutic and mood enhancing snacks to the latest trends in ancient grains and raw snacking, discover the future of snacking at Food Matters Live.

We will be previewing our new report, Future Trends in Snacking 2020 at Food Matters Live. The first in a new series of forward looking trend reports designed to help the food industry understand and make sense of trends in order to deliver strategic growth and inform new product development.

The report will analyse snacking trends from a unique global perspective along with detailed country by country analysis of the future of snacking  in UK, France, Germany, USA and Japan. From future flavours and packaging to trends to the next developments in health, sustainability and convenience, Future Trends in Snacking 2020 is designed to provide a forward looking perspective to drive strategic growth and inform successful new product innovation, all underpinned by 30 years of trend analysis.

The report analyses the global snacking market and trends in 9 major snacking categories in detail: potato crisps, tortilla chips, baked snacks, popcorn, nuts & seeds, cereal bars, sandwiches and wraps, prepared salads and prepared fruit. The report also includes market forecasts to 2023 including per capita consumption, consumer expenditure and retail and out-of-home channel analysis.

Foodtrending has been forecasting trends in food and beverages for over 30 years. Our unique trend foresight methodology enables companies to rapidly identify early growth opportunities and new horizons in increasingly dynamic and fragmented markets.

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