Discover the future trends facing the flavours industry

We recently presented at Flavour Talk 2018 organised by the British Society of Flavourists. Our talk was on identifying future trends in flavours from food waste reduction to kitchen style production.

We also shared some data on the European market for flavours and flavourings.

The European market for sweet and fruit flavours is currently worth €1,812m and accounts for 64,238 tonnes in volume. This includes nature identical flavours that enhance soft fruit flavours, berries, nuts and vanilla. While sweet and fruit flavours is the largest flavouring market by value, growth is slow at just 1.0% per year. These flavours are widely used in soft drinks, confectionery, yogurt and butter.

Meanwhile the market for industrial seasonings, herbs and spices in food and beverage products is much larger in volume at 441,762 tonnes and worth €1,714m. These seasonings are widely used in meat products, ready meals, bagged snacks and sauces.