As the boundaries between snacking and traditional meal times blur, how do you understand what is really driving changes in snacking habits? From playful snacking to gut health and new and innovative flavours, the snacking landscape is set to alter dramatically over the next five years.

30 years of analysing trends in food and beverages

Snacking Trends 2020 is the first in a series of innovative new trend reports from global food trend analysts Foodtrending. Combining deep market insights with unique trend foresight to bring you the most comprehensive and up-to-date picture of snacking opportunities around the world, supported by 30 years food and beverage trend analysis.

Covering nine major snacking categories, from baked snacks and tortilla chips to sandwiches and wraps, seed and nut mixes, popcorn and health and cereal bars, Snacking Trends 2020 is your definitive guide to the future of snacking.

From market strategy to product innovation

Snacking Trends 2020 is essential reading for anyone involved in the snacking industry. From flavour houses and ingredient suppliers, to FMCG brands and out-of-home operators, Snacking Trends 2020 gives you the complete picture. The report will inform market strategy and inspire the next generation of snacking products.

Snacking Trends 2020 will enable you to:

  • Develop innovative, on-trend new products through understanding emerging and future trends in snacking.
  • Gain an independent view of global snacking trends, backed up by rationale and 30 years of food trend analysis.
  • Understand changing channel dynamics and the rapid growth opportunities in snacking through online, vending and out-of-home channels.
  • Plan strategically for the future with in-depth market data and unique, forward-looking trend insights.
  • Identify and quantify new, emerging and high growth markets and categories in snacking.
  • Understand the flavour trends that will delight and inspire consumers over the next 3 years.

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